World Trend Garden Furniture Sdn. Bhd.


Mr Ng Cheong Hoo

Started off as an indoor furnishing specialist 30 years ago, Mr Ng Cheong Hoo has huge knowledge in the selection and usage of materials for indoor and outdoor furniture.

Using his creativity, he is the mastermind behind all unique furniture designs produced by the company.

He has high commitment to produce furniture designs that meet current market trend and are user friendly

Mdm Sharon Tsang Siu Lan

Mdm Sharon has been in the furniture making industry since very young age. Based on her vast experience in the industry, she has high awareness on the market trend and demand, leading the company to producing products that suit the market needs.

She is also active member and committee in the following associations related to the industry such as:

Malaysian Furniture Council (MFC)
Federation of Sabah Industries (FSI)
Sabah Furniture Association (FSA)


Our factory is fully equipped with well-maintained machineries joined by team of more than 70 competent skilled labour and craftsman working together with great spirit to produce goods at the highest quality and within competitive pricing of the hospitality furniture industry. We place a strong emphasis on attention to details to satisfy our customer and to cope with the tight production schedule.


World Trend Garden Furniture Sdn Bhd is also committed to ensure in long term all raw materials purchase are source from well managed and sustainable forests or plantation forests that are credibly certified. All wood materials purchases shall not be from forest areas that do not comply with relevant national legislation and sources considered as controversial sources. We make sure that wood from illegal sources such as area in conflict or civil unrest, non-certified High-Conservation Value Forest, protected areas and similar are not used for furniture making.

We demand that all timber sources comes from Plantation Forests which are replanted and maintained to be sustainable.

The management of World Trend Garden Furniture Sdn Bhd is also committed to comply with all laws and regulations including health and safety aspects of employees, provide fair employment opportunity with priority given to local people and ensuring the integrity and validity of the chain-of-custody system and its certified products.